Add Your Heading Text HereCertificate of quality (Kosher) and Israeli food (Pita Bread) with the flame of the grill (Grill). The expression is used as an invitation for friends and family to gather and share a meal together. The Middle Eastern community and hospitality are unmistakable. We are inspired by Shahar Matza, our founder who embodies everything about the true meaning of Kosher Pita Grill. When Pita Grill Kosher Restaurant opened in Guayaquil in 2016, Shahar made sure to stay true to (the taste of) its roots by creating delicious recipes in a welcoming and authentic environment that represent the Middle East, (Israel). Now, Kosher Pita Grill's rallying cry is as loud as ever as we bring all fans of our Mediterranean food home, as well as ship the new line of frozen kosher food throughout Ecuador. Fans have spread the word so fast that we have people from Quito to Cuenca and other countries like Miami, Peru and more clamoring for a Kosher Mediterranean food place near them. Do you think it's cool? We are just getting started. Kosher on!


The special charm of Kosher Pita Grill is our open kitchen and bakery. We cook everything in full view so you can watch the fresh Pita Bread, baking to the shawarmas that rotate over an open flame. You can customize your Pita Bread, Lafa, Baguette or plate with a delicious variety of proteins, freshly prepared salads and authentic sauces from the Middle East. The end result is pure perfection: an unparalleled balance of Mediterranean colors and flavors that really fuels your curiosity and appetite for Israeli food.

Our food is 100% kosher, check out our Kosher certificate


Chicken Shawarma, the correct way/the right way

Our Chicken Shawarma is handcrafted from the freshest poultry available, slow roasted all day for you to see and carved thin in the traditional and most delicious way.


Our special, fresh Falafel is made to order, we do it one way only at Kosher Pita Grill: the right way. Only fresh chickpeas, onions, spices and herbs go into our freshly ground, handcrafted falafel.

-Why do we do everything possible to make our Falafel fresh?

-Because you are our guest, and you are worth it!


At Kosher Pita Grill, Pita Bread isn't just a science, it's an art form. These delicious, melt-in-your-mouth circles of bread are baked in small batches daily for your delight. Our Pita Bread has a famous reputation and taste that we are proud of at Kosher Pita Grill Bakery. Stop by for lunch one day and you can get courtside seats to watch our highly skilled bakers do their thing. If you're lucky, you might even be greeted with the incomparable aroma of hot Pita Bread baking.


Our famous burgers, prepared especially for you at the moment, made of fine ground beef of special cuts with the term that you choose, from our Israeli Mediterranean fusion cuisine and with the fresh hamburger bun made at the moment in our Kosher Pita Grill bakery